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In this 1kg bag of Waterbridge Allsorts you'll find all of the pieces you love; coconut rolls, jelly buttons, liquorice twists, liquorice rolls and delicious raspberry, chocolate and lemon fruit sandwiches! Never run out of your favourite liquorice snacks with our largest Waterbridge Allsorts pack ever!

Country of Manufacture: England

Customer Reviews

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tom hillier
Fresh and tasty

I got some as a gift( small pack, they had bought at can tire. Awful, used them in slingshot to keep crows away. So I order direct and spit with family and friends

Wendy Stokes-Earl

Hi there: I love the allsorts, except for the coconut ones. Perhaps they could be in their own little package, instead of in mine. I really like all of your products. That sponge toffee is wonderful! And, service is great. Thanks you so much.

Susan Symington
Quick service and great quality

I did not get the one item I really wanted …the sesame seed snack.

Everyone’s favourite Jelly Button???

I get these every year for Christmas. Opened up the box today and not one Jelly Button was in the package. The kids were always excited to get these. Come on guys if you’re going to have them in the box at least put one in the bag. It’s bad enough how cheap you guys are with the amount you normally put in. Very disappointed. Wish I could add a photo so you could see how bad of selection there is.

Still waiting..,

Placed large online order of chocolates for Xmas holidays December 19/21. It is now January 5/22 and my package has still not arrived. I do not live in a remote area, nor do I ever have issues with deliveries, I don’t know what else to say.