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In this 1kg bag of Waterbridge Allsorts you'll find all of the pieces you love; coconut rolls, jelly buttons, liquorice twists, liquorice rolls and delicious raspberry, chocolate and lemon fruit sandwiches! Never run out of your favourite liquorice snacks with our largest Waterbridge Allsorts pack ever!

Country of Manufacture: England

Customer Reviews

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Audrey Davies
Very good

The Allsorts are the very best !

Tony MacLeod

The taste was fine but the pieces were rather stale and hard.

Silver Longjohns
So delicious; so near perfection!

I adore black licorice in general and almost all allsorts specifically, and these are so good! Being able to have these shipped to my house is the pinnacle of luxury.

The only things I would ever want to change about this deliciousness are

1) I have been trying to omit palm oil from all my purchases because I love orangutans and these are the only product I buy standing in the way of that, so I have to buy a lot less of them than I would like to in my futile effort to balance my licorice addiction with being a better person.

2) The coconut allsorts. I am not a fan, to put it mildly. I wish I could order allsorts without the Fraggle eyes. (Tell me you don't see it!) Sometimes I win the allsorts lottery and get very few of them, and other times I win the allsorts lottery (having a bag of allsorts *is* winning the allsorts lottery either way,) and have to peel the pink or yellow yuck off Fraggle eyeball after Fraggle eyeball to salvage the precious iris of awesome. It's a chore, but hey - I have bigger problems. Who doesn't?

Over all I am very grateful for this confectionary experience.

Suzie Janacek

Allsorts 1kg

Lea Maynard
Great products

My husband is a big fan of Waterbridge Allsorts. They always are fresh and a great treat. When ever I order on line my order arrives very promptly and always in great condition.