Red & Black Wine Gums SUR Bag 350g


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Waterbridge Red & Black Wine Gums is the bag of wine gums you've been waiting for. One bag filled to the brim with everyone's favourite flavours! No more picking through the bag for your favourites. Using the recipe you know and love, we've crafted a bag full of traditionally chewy treats bursting with rich, mouth-watering black currant and succulent raspberry. 

Country of Manufacture: England

Customer Reviews

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Still waiting for a call back

I received my order 14 days ago, and when it came to the house, the tubs of chocolate were scattered in the box and opened. I purchased 10 tubs of ice squares and at least five tubs were opened scattered all over the box. I unwrapped two of the chocolates and they were turning white. I then called Waterbridge and told the lady and she gave me an email address to contact. I hadn’t heard anything for 10 days and sent a follow up email on Sunday. Still nothing so I called on Tuesday and was told I was given the wrong email address. I should have emailed “ [****]“. The lady then took my order number and phone number and told me she would call me back. That was yesterday and I haven’t heard anything back. I would like to return the $60 worth of chocolate for a full refund. I do not want to give out discoloured chocolates to my friends for Christmas. I would like someone to contact me ASAP.

Best Gummies

My two favorite flavours, black current and raspberry, in a bigger, more economical package. I buy 9 packages each time to get free shipping.

Genevieve Bergeron-Warren
will order again

All of what I purchased was great taste and price for the products received. Would purchase again.

Please send your products to the US market!

I tried the Waterbridge product 1 year ago when I visited Canada and liked it so much, since that I have been addicted to Waterbridge wine gum, nothing we have in our markets has come close to this taste, I visited Canada recently and brought a large box that will last for 1 year, I hope to find it soon In our US Walmart.

Lynn D
Wish they were a little fruitier.

A little softer. A little fruitier. Would be welcomed. Not bad. Just not great. Seemed a bit old maybe.