Connoisseur Assorted Liqueur Filled Chocolates 180g


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Our liqueurs are enrobed in gorgeously decadent chocolate, crafted by artisans in Europe's oldest chocolate factory. Only the finest, irresistibly smooth European chocolate is used in our collection. Our Orange liqueurs boast a delicious blend of the finest cognacs. Inside each of our Cherry Liqueurs, you will find a succulent Oblacinska cherry marinating in delicious kirsch brandy. Finally, velvety Irish Cream Liquor marries perfectly with our mouth-watering chocolate to create a luscious flavour you'll adore in our Irish Cream Liqueur.

Country of Manufacture: Germany

Customer Reviews

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I love chocolate liquors, especially the cherry ones. Waterbridge cherry liquors were always something I looked forward to at Christmas. unfortunately, they stopped selling the boxes of just cherry liquors. so I tried these, because they said they included the cherry ones. imagine my disappointment when I opened the box to find it less than half full and only 2 cherry liquors in each of all 3 boxes I purchased! the numbers of the different liquors in each box should be equal unless listed otherwise. and what a waste of packaging! I am so tired of the over packaging in the world today. with prices rising, natural resources waining and garbage piling up everywhere, there is no reason for it. it just makes the purchase a disappointment and the company look bad.

Not worth it

Package only contained 4 chocolates! Tasty but a rip off.

Franz Bazil
Loved everything I purchased.

Great liquer goodies for me only. Order delivered in reasonable amount of time for me to place goodies out on Christmas Eve. I will purchase again as everything was top quality.

Liqueur chocolates

Only got two cherry chocolates and package was half filled. All the rest were silver and gold.

suzy Lukassen
Liqueur filled chocolates

There was one red only and the rest were silver and gold. Are all the packages like that?