Assorted Liqueurs Carton 180g

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Waterbridge's assortment of exquisite European chocolate liqueurs is born from the Waterbridge promise: to see out the finest confections for Canadians to enjoy.

Country of Manufacture: Germany

Customer Reviews

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Gabriela Jimenez
Wonderful service and product

Very satisfied with my order.
Thank you

L. Manning
Nice selection

Good quality chocolate with a good amount of liqueur. Hopefully they will make one with just the cherries at some point! Yum.

René Perron
Excellence Once Again

You know how you go to a family gathering and the hostess, usually an old aunt, at the end of the meal, pulls out her ho-hum old liquor candies which she kept "For special occasions" and how they usually have an unpleasant, flavourless outer shell and the liquor center has crystallized, but in a bad way? And you force yourself to take one, just to be polite...

Well, you'll find none of that with Waterbridge's Assorted Liqueurs Carton.
As with all of their other Chocolate Products, the outer shell is always smooth and pleasantly melts in your mouth while the core is savoury and well-balanced.

A very classy treat indeed, with the welcome freshness of all of Waterbridge's products.

And, with the easy-order website and fast delivery, even by Snail Mail, no more need to stock up and store them away until you accidentally find them, years later...

And, as an Extra Bonus, even if you eat a whole carton in one sitting, you won't get a hangover!

Shan Jiang
Taste good, like chiildhood

Alcohol is kind of smooth. Feels like the silk goes thru a tongue


Assorted Liqueurs Carton 180g