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If you love liquorice you’ve come to the right place! Waterbridge traditional English Allsorts are packed full of delicious liquorice flavour! Inside of each bag, you’ll find chewy black liquorice pieces, soft coconut rolls, and mini raspberry, chocolate and lemon sandwiches.

Country of Manufacture: England

Customer Reviews

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K Gilbertson

Just exactly as the other reviews below, we got these from Costco and they're horrible. Dried up and stale. Will be returning them for sure. The July 2023 expiry date should've read July 2019. Worst allsorts ever!

Rick Smith
Apparently no quality control anymore

Stale ,misshaped,just garbage compared to what they used to be you lost a long time customer I'm sure they don't care don't waist your money

Stale, dry and sugary

We just bought these from Costco. We are returning them. They are not the nice soft candy of years ago. I suspect they have been outsourced to a country that does not know what they are supposed to taste like. Cheaper and crappy.

Heather Britton
Costco bad batch allsorts

I just opened a 1.2 kg bag of Allsorts from Costco In Canada and will be returning them. The black licorice is hard and stuck together. The multi colour candy layers are stale, hard and crumbling. Best before date July 2023 but the quality is not there. Maybe bad storage practice? I live 2 hours away from Costco. Bit of a drag to have to wait until next trip to get a refund.

Anne Novosel
Last year's leftovers?

Bought the large Costco version last year, and they were so fresh and tasty we went back and bought 3 more giant bags. One year later, with Xmas in our sights, we bought another large Costco bag. Unfortunately, this year they are soooo stale and dry, I'm wondering if they are leftovers from 2021! I've never had allsorts this dry before. Such a disappointment.