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If you love liquorice you’ve come to the right place! Waterbridge traditional English Allsorts are packed full of delicious liquorice flavour! Inside of each bag, you’ll find chewy black liquorice pieces, soft coconut rolls, and mini raspberry, chocolate and lemon sandwiches.

Country of Manufacture: England

Customer Reviews

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Dennis C
Expiry Date ?

I just picked up a new box of Allsorts ..
Today is Nov 3rd 2023 .
Very very dried out ..
The only stamp on the box is L3192L02 .. whatever that means ..
It’s like the have been sitting since Xmas last year
Very dissatisfied

Too dried out and sugary

Unfortunately I had a similar experience as others with my brand new bag of Waterbridge Allsorts being very dried out and too sugary sweet. I also could not locate an expiry date anywhere on the bag.
I’ll be buying a different brand in the future.

Kathy Holuboch
All sorts

This brand is the absolute best

Dave Gregory
Delicious fresh & tasty

Comments above are truest value. Would like to see more of the “other” than licorice pure pieces in the mix like as seen in the advertisements.

K Gilbertson

Just exactly as the other reviews below, we got these from Costco and they're horrible. Dried up and stale. Will be returning them for sure. The July 2023 expiry date should've read July 2019. Worst allsorts ever!