All Gold Cookie Assortment 320g

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Treat yourself to a carton of delicious All Gold cookies! Inside each box, you’ll find an incredible array of cookies like chocolate enrobed wonders or crispy sandwiches. Dive into the buttery goodness of shortcake, and indulge your senses in biscuits drizzled with milk chocolate.

 Country of Manufacture: England

*Occasionally it may be necessary to replace cookies. Replacements will be kept to a minimum and will always be of equal or higher quality.

Customer Reviews

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Edward O'Keefe
The assortment was great but were very hard and dry.

The assortment was great.
However the whole assortment was very dry and very dry. If we do another order we want fresh and soft produce.

David B
A delicious selection of cookies; just too few in a box

We really enjoy these cookies, the only problem is, there's only two (or less) of each kind in the box. Yes, I know, the box clearly states 320 grams, but still; all that box for fewer than 20 individual cookies. It's just a bit of a let-down.

Susan Barton
All Gold Cookie Assortment

A very tasty assortment of cookies. Great to have on hand to serve for company or family.
One complaint....gone too soon 😊

Cindy Addley
All Gold

An excellent choice for yourself or a gift. Fresh tasting , nicely displayed in the box. Lovely variety of shapes.

Kay spady
Amazing, placed another order immediately.

After reading the reviews it seemed like most ppl had received biscuits in good condition so I placed an order for 10 boxes of 3 varieties. They were very fresh, perfect condition with zero broken so we placed a second order for 10 more! Nice assortments of products from the U.K. for reasonable prices.