Belgian Chocolate Covered Cocoa Dusted Almonds 150g


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Elevate you snack game with these incredibly indulgent bites of heaven! Each perfectly roasted almond is lovingly enrobed in rich, creamy premium Belgian chocolate and delicately dusted with cocoa powder to create the most exquisite texture and flavour journey.

Country of Manufacture: Belgium

Customer Reviews

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Harry Chong
Dusted & Delicious

Very pleased with this sweet treat. For those who are wondering, these are chocolate-covered almonds, but the outside has a dusting of cocoa powder. And that's it. It's Belgium chocolate over almonds, with cocoa powder on the exterior. Even though it's simple, you do get a little extra flavor of chocolate, which adds some enjoyment.

If you like chocolate, if you like sweets, you should try these. Belgium chocolates are very high in quality.

Jess C

These chocolate covered cocoa dusted almonds are amazing. I shared them with a friend and we both agreed they were the best chocolate almonds we ever had. The dusted cocoa is such a nice touch, really brings out the best in these chocolate coated almonds. Will definitely purchase again.

Sergei Shalaev

It’s crunchy and very delicious and I loved it so much! This chocolate is what I cannot resist! I will order it again.
Thank you so much!

Michael Smith
So Good! ❤️❤️❤️

Purchased 1 bag with some other chocolate for Xmas. These were absolutely my favourites! The fact that they weren’t sprayed with varnish/wax (to keep them from melting I guess) and dusted with cocoa instead made them sooooo good! I reordered again and just bought a bunch of these. Absolutely love them! ❤️❤️❤️