Connoisseur Brandy Bean Dark Chocolates 400g


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Each Connoisseur Brandy Bean Carton is filled with gourmet liqueur chocolates made by artisan chocolatiers at one of Europe's oldest chocolate factories. Enjoy delicious European chocolate infused with fine Brandy liqueur.

Country of Manufacture: Germany

Customer Reviews

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Andy Hightower
Brandy Beans

It's not bad for the price. It could have more brandy in it, though.

Angela Sellin
Chocolates are Old and Brandy is Dried Out!

I purchased these chocolates for my mother who loves Brandy Bean chocolates. Our ethnicity is German and our family has grown up eating these beautiful tasting chocolates. Following the new year, my mother said to me she wished there would have been more Brandy Bean chocolates left over (our family had devoured them more than usual this year ). When I found these chocolates at your location, I purchased 7 boxes. I was so excited to give my mother her first box (she is a diabetic so I planned to give her one box at a time and then she can enjoy one when her blood sugar is low). Unfortunately, to my disappointing surprise, my mother told me that the chocolates were old because some of the chocolates had no brandy inside and the ones that still had brandy inside, the brandy was dried up. I was further embarrassed when my mother offered these chocolates to her girlfriend who came to visit and the chocolates were in this terrible condition. I have contacted your location several times in regards to this concern but nobody has returned my call. Please tell me what I can do? Please call or email me. Thank you

Linda Schmoll
Love them

I love have a couple of Brandy Beans after supper.
I can't find Waterbridge Brandy beans anywhere until the Christmas Season begins. Now they are available to me and affordable. Thank you!

Jacob B

It's just Tasty

John Bullock
First Time Order

Received in a few days, great service, and my wife loves brandy beans