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Full of rich fruity flavour and the perfect amount of chew, our delicious Waterbridge Wine Gums are the perfect snack for the candy connoisseur! The complex flavours of each wine gum elevate them from the average candy, and with flavours like black currant, lemon, pear, and orange how could you go wrong! Affectionately known here at Waterbridge as the “cottage bag” this 1kg bag full of Waterbridge Wine Gums is the perfect travel buddy for all of your summer trips and snacking needs!

Country of Manufacture: England

Customer Reviews

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Best ever !

I purchased 5 bags, as these Waterbridge wine gums are hands down the best. Great flavor, so fresh, and they are always available. Terrific service!.
Just a wonderful treat.

Donna Robinson

The wine gums arrived with the package split open...and wine gums strewn in the box. I have sent two emails regarding this, as I am not wanting to eat opened goods. I have not heard one word back. I have ordered several times before, and this lack of customer service is unacceptable. I do expect a response when I send an email. Very disappointing.

BC Holmes

Excellent wine gums. Fresh, very flavourful, good price, and probably all-around the best wine gums that I’ve found on the market. I’m a multiple repeat customer!

George Ferro
Best wine gums in Canada

These are great tasting wine gums. Not hard not sugary and full of great flavor. Beats the other Company’s wine gums by a long shot

Cathy Gemel
Re: wine gum order

The freshest wine gums we have ever tasted. Quick delivery.