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There are six delicious sour flavours to choose from inside each bag of Waterbridge Just Taffy Sour. Which flavour will be your favourite? Will it be tangy lemon or sparkly raspberry? Crisp apple or juicy grape? Maybe you'll fall for zesty orange or crave succulent cherry! Whatever your tastes, you'll find the perfect sour taffy piece to satisfy your sweet tooth inside this bag! 

Country of Manufacture: USA

Customer Reviews

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Tasty treat

Since this is one of many orders that in itself should speak to how much I enjoy both the quality and flavour of this treat but also to the exceptional customer service that I consistently receive from Waterbridge. I truly appreciate. Thank you, Andrew

Derrick Talbot
I Got Taffy. I Ate It All. I Have No Taffy.

Not only was that taffy that I got... it was the BEST I have had so far. I certainly be getting the sour ones again! as my sweet tooth is more so a sour tooth. Any reality that exists, that does not include these sour taffy... needs to be destroyed.

Not sure if this will end up as a verified review, because they only sent me the form for the Just Taffy bag.... which is exactly what I got... but not sour. It was good as well..... but not like the sour taffy! The normal taffies were spot on for flavour... but the sour ones were an experience :)

Just tops! Good work guys!

Corey Wickham
Sour Taffy

After having received the wrong taffy in the sour taffy bags Waterbridge did make it right by sending out sour taffy and a couple extra bags of taffy. Now that I have got to try the sour taffy I will say it’s the best taffy! The lemon tastes just like lemon pie!