Environmental Stewardship From a Company You Trust

At Waterbridge, we believe in adopting sustainable practices whenever possible. This allows us to not only be the conduit bringing fine chocolates, traditional sweets and other culinary classic treats to Canadians, but to enable you to feel good about supporting the Waterbridge label. Whenever possible, we opt for eco-friendlier choices including:

Partnering with manufacturers that exhibit environmental values.

It isn’t enough to simply have a relationship with producers of classic treats. We also aim to work with suppliers who share our values regarding sustainable initiatives. When we explore working with any candy or chocolate maker, we examine their processes to determine if they align with our own high expectations.

Choosing items made with sustainable ingredients.

Many of the products you’ll find under the Waterbridge name include ingredients that are sustainable. For instance, many of our traditional sweets use sustainable palm oils rather than other types of binders. Additionally, our Waterbridge Mini Eggz use cocoa that is UTZ Cocoa certified and RSPO accredited.

Packaging all Waterbridge products responsibly.

The packaging that we use for all our Waterbridge products may look expensive, but we have taken steps to ensure that it is responsibly made. Corrugated outers, recycled papers and more are utilized to keep our landfills from becoming clogged unnecessarily.

Keeping our eyes on new methods of manufacturing and distribution.

As we move forward we constantly keep our eyes open for updated methods of manufacturing and distribution. This helps us remain on the leading edge of sustainability in our industry.

Bring Better Products to Your Table With Waterbridge

Being smart with sustainability makes it possible for you to bring better products to your table by supporting Waterbridge. Look for Waterbridge wherever you shop and taste how delicious environmentally-conscientious chocolates traditional sweets and biscuits can be.

Learn more about our sustainability efforts: