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In this 800g bag of Waterbridge Allsorts you'll find all of the pieces you love; coconut rolls, jelly buttons, liquorice twists, liquorice rolls and delicious raspberry, chocolate and lemon fruit sandwiches! Never run out of your favourite liquorice snacks with our largest Waterbridge Allsorts pack ever!

Country of Manufacture: England

Customer Reviews

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Massimo Capra
stale old product being shipped

the product I received was way to old and stale, my only option was to discarded, I will not repeat the experience and will not look for the product again, there are many other companies making the same stuff

Audrey Caird
Always Good

Unfortunately this package was not the freshest. They were hard, but of course were eaten anyway. Won’t stop me from ordering again soon.

Ron Skrobutan
Real Ingredients, make for a "Real Taste Naturally "

Each piece of candy has real flavors like fudge and coconut and salty Black liquorice, you can't fake it, it's real.
"Real good" !!!!!

Helen brennan
Hardened candy!

My daughter gave me the 350 g package of these for Christmas and they are too hard to eat....can you advise me on how I can soften them up?...I hate to garbage them. Thanks in advance....

Victoria Bonin-MacKenzie

These are my favourite usually but they were nothing like how I remember they could be. Hard, sugary- dried hard liquorice and hardly any pink and blue gummies- bought at Shoppers