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At many Dutch Sinterklaas Eve parties, the last surprise in Sinterklaas' special burlap sack is the chocolate initial of the first letter of each person's name. You can carry on this age-old tradition with a Waterbridge Belgian Chocolate Letter for your loved ones. Kids love getting their own Belgian chocolate letters, and so do adults! If you want to play Sinterklaas even more authentically, leave these tasty treats next to the shoes of the recipients.

Country of Manufacture: Made in Holland using Belgian Chocolate

Customer Reviews

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Yummy Chocolates but Why no I, Q, X or Y?

Just went to two different London Drugs today and there were no "I"s to be found. We did buy 28 letters. Do you not make I, Q, X and Y? or are you just out of them right now? Please let me know so that we know whether to keep looking for them or not.
Thank you for making these letters!

Julia Voyer
Chocolate letters

Letters received so quickly, so much easier than trying to find in store
My grandchildren get really excited when they receive them at Christmas

Jennie Hilwerda
Tradition Continues

Getting a chocolate initial in my stocking at Christmas has been a tradition for many years. I have a large family with many great nieces and nephews and have continued the tradition that my parents kept up after immigrating from Holland in 1951. My parents are gone now so have picked it up by giving out initials. I am disappointed though, as I was not able to find an "I" and found out yesterday that no "I"s are available. Any chance of changing this. Izzy will be disappointed.... I see that "Z"s have been added.

Joanne Lansdorp
Chocolate letters

Buy them every year for the grandkids at Christmas. Didn’t know I could order them direct. So much easier. Thank you

Kimberly Peckitt
Favourite product

An annual Christmas tradition for my nieces and nephews!