Belgian Dark Chocolate Bar 300g


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The Belgian dark chocolate bar in 300 grams from Waterbridge is every dark chocolate lover's dream come true. Featuring 53% cocoa solids, Waterbridge Belgian dark chocolate is authentically rich in origin and flavour. Perfect for snacking and baking!

Waterbridge is proudly partnered with the 'Cocoa for Schools' project, committed to improving the lives of thousands of cocoa farmers and their families in Kyela, Tanzania. Proceeds from a levy paid on the cocoa used in our Belgian chocolate bars go directly to the Cocoa for Schools project.

Country of Manufacture: Belgium

*Keep in a cool and dry place

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Dominic Covvey
Chocoholic Confession

I think this is the best chocolate on the market! My only issue is that I have not been able to locate Recovery Services for dealing with dependency. The good news is that the stuff is legal! Great work!

Syed Salman Amjad
Cut portion size by 25% but kept the price the same

Really? You thought we wouldn't notice that you cut the bar size by 25% (from 400 grams to 300 grams) while still charging us the same price as before? You people just lost a customer.

Ruth M Chesson
Great tasting dark chocolate!

This is my favourite, and the only chocolate bar that I buy!

Mary T.

This dark chocolate is delicious and the price makes it even better.

Excellent alternative

The dark chocolate is excellent despite the fact that there isn’t milk chocolate with almonds bar anymore.