Mini Allsorts Tower 700g


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They're bite-sized, they're fun and they're delicious! Enjoy mini liquorice rolls, jelly button shapes, coconut rolls, liquorice twists, and fruit sandwiches in flavours like lemon, raspberry, and chocolate. Packed full of rich black liquorice and loads of amazing shapes to try.

Country of Manufacture: England

Customer Reviews

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Beverley Lawrence
Stale Allsorts and Toffees etc...

I'm sooo disappointed! My order was full of promise...but the contents did not deliver. 🙁. The Allsorts Minis are awful - discoloured, stale, unpleasant. The Chocolate Toffees are white and according to the package print, expired. 🙁🙁

I'd written before about the full size Allsorts which were awful as well. Discoloured, stale, brittle. 🙁🙁🙁. I never received any feedback from you, despite repeated inquiries. 🙁🙁🙁🙁

My entire order is very displeasing.
And this displeases me, as I had great expectations.
What's happened?

Sophie Perusse
Great treats in a small format

I like the mini version. Great size when you want a small treats.

Warren Davey
Perfect Little Treats

The Waterbridge Mini Allsorts are perfect for a little uplift when I want something sweet and a bit of licorice! I keep them in my car for a treat when I’m in traffic to or from work!