Strawberry Dream 200g


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Waterbridge Strawberry Dreams are a dream come true! Soft and fluffy candy with delicious strawberry flavour. These sweet treats will melt in your mouth, making them extra dreamy!

Country of Manufacture: Belgium

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Jen Smith
Dye and artificial flavor free!!

Thank you Waterbridge!!! I absolutely love these soft little strawberry delights. Great flavor and texture.
I am careful about what I eat and choose products that have no artificial flavors or harmful dyes. Not only is that important to me, but necessary for my health. These have natural flavors and colors.
To be perfectly honest, I prefer them to be a little stale. (It comes from buying variety candy as a child. It was open, buffet style, and it would get stale) I purchase a few bags at once and open them all for desired effect. The "problem" is that they never last long enough to get how I really like them because I end up eating them all.


I'm sorry to say I haven't tasted them yet!