All Gold Cookie Assortment Tin 750g

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These delicious traditional European biscuits live up to their luxurious names. From crispy cookies dipped in dark chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate, to exquisite shortcake cookies dipped in milk chocolate and decorated with dark chocolate, this sumptuous assortment is full of romance, elegance, and charm.

Country of Manufacture: Germany

*Occasionally it may be necessary to replace cookies. Replacements will be kept to a minimum and will always be of equal or higher quality.

Customer Reviews

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Shaneam Lamoureux
Order okay, name not.

Not sure why you're calling me Shaneam. Just Shane, same as my cc you've accepted twice.

Jason Lee
Why aren’t waterbridge products more popular

Ordered a ton of chocolates and fancy cookies after trying and buying a few products from Walmart. Chocolates bakes very well in to cookies and brownies and tastes very rich. Also, as a chocoholic that reads ingredient labels, I was also very pleasantly surprised their ingredients weren’t full of additives, colouring and preservatives. It was the most natural and whole product I found among all chocolate products in the market. Thirdly, I was shocked they were local (a Canadian company). Waterbridge offers great tasting products, without ultra-processing, made locally at a very reasonable price. They just earned another loyal customer.

Anne Bygott
All Gold cookie Tim

Amazing assortment, good value for the money

Joy Fraser

Every years I wait for your cookies to come out I love the taste and I use the cans to put treats in for my family and friends thank you

Expected more cookies

Expected more cookies, seemed less and smaller cookies than before