Belgian Extra Dark Chocolate Bar 300g


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If you love rich cocoa flavour then our Waterbridge Belgian Extra Dark Chocolate bar is for you! 300 grams of luxurious chocolate, crafted from only the finest cocoa beans. This bar contains 70% cocoa solids, creating a deep cocoa flavour, with a slight creaminess for the perfect chocolate indulgence.

Waterbridge is proudly partnered with the 'Cocoa for Schools' project, committed to improving the lives of thousands of cocoa farmers and their families in Kyela, Tanzania. Proceeds from a levy paid on the cocoa used in our Belgian chocolate bars go directly to the Cocoa for Schools project.

Country of Manufacture: Belgium

*Keep in a cool and dry place

Customer Reviews

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Jason Lee
perfect for baking and just eating

smooth, nicely tempered, melts nicely in to cookies and s’mores. Great tasting good quality chocolates.

pierre gagne

I thought I was getting a good deal but when I saw my order they were smaller than the ones at Walmart .

Steve Fekete
Question regarding heavy metals

Can someone tell me what are the heavy metals' levels in this chocolate? I specifically talk about lead and cadmium. I have been consuming this brand for years. It is a must to know what one is eating.

Michael Chevalier

How do I buy the 400 gm bar?


I have been buying liquorice all sorts for years but they are not now the same. I don’t know if you have changed how you produce them but they have gone down hill. Not sure if I will buy them anymore because I’m not happy also they have gone up in price.