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Have you tried a Waterbridge ice confectionary yet? If not, make sure to grab a few tubs this holiday season. Waterbridge Ices are squares made of confection with a hazelnut aroma. Ice chocolate is a German creation and melts easily in the mouth. Most people feel as if it cools their tongues as the heat energy is absorbed. What's the secret to this scientific occurrence? It's the coconut oil we use that begins to melt at a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius! Of course, all you need to really remember is that Waterbridge Ice chocolates provide you with a lovely, sensual experience.

Country of Manufacture: Germany

Customer Reviews

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René Perron
A Delight to Give and to Receive

Every year, at Christmas Time, I buy a few tubs of Waterbridge Ice Chocolate Squares which I give to my closest friends and esteemed coworkers. I usually buy them from the Giant Tiger department store but, this year, they didn't offer any so I relied on Waterbridge's own website to get some.

When my friends or colleagues open their gift and find these Waterbridge Ice Chocolate Squares, none can resist eating a few right away, knowing just how good they are.

They often tell me how difficult these are to share, citing how each quality of the confection is in perfect equilibrium with the other two.

The expression "Perfect Christmas Treat" is often said!

BTW, in past years, I would often hear from Giant Tiger employees how they also craved Waterbridge Ice Chocolates Squares and then bought amongst themselves almost all of the entire stock the store receives, leaving very few units to be sold to the clients.

My advice to Waterbridge:
Maybe you should send twice the amount requested by Giant Tiger stores so that Customers can get their hands on some too!

Personally, the tub I keep for myself goes right away in the coldest part of the refrigerator so that when I want one, I can savor it for longer...

Thanks again for this great creation!

Stacey Michaels
Waterbridge ice tub

A family favourite! Delicious!
Excellent service and fabulous delivery time !
Highly recommend Waterbridge!👍🏻

Ronnie lee Tarr
Old ?

The ice chocolate was white in colour like they were old ? Not happy with this product. I definitely would not buy again.

R. Smith
A Classic Treat!

A tasty treat we got for our grandparents stockings as they are such a colourful Christmas classic!

B Tracy

My husband and I love how these are so chocolatey and smooth. They melt nicely in the mouth.