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Each bag of deliciously sweet and chewy Waterbridge Just Taffy is chock-full of mouth-watering flavour! From fruity summer favourites like watermelon, passion fruit, raspberry lemonade, and strawberry banana to sugary sweet cotton candy, caramel swirl, frosted cupcake, and orange creme that will satisfy all of your summer cravings! 

Country of Manufacture: USA

Customer Reviews

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Waterbridge Original Taffy

I received my order quickly, thank you!! The flavours are absolutely delicious, we have to ration the taffy or else we will eat all 8 bags (125g) in one sitting! Love this product. I was hoping to be able to order the larger bag (750g) but it was not available anywhere. First found this product at Costco, unfortunately it is no longer available there.

Isabelle Dubuc

I wish the bag was bigger! Not exactly the same flavour combination that was in bag I had from Costco. I still very much enjoyed the taffies.

Theresa Norris
Waterbridge Just Taffy

Waterbridge Just Taffy is the best saltwater toffee I have ever tasted. It was delicious and full of flavour until the very last bite. I will definitely be ordering more on a regular basis.

Kathleen Sharkey
Original Taffy

I LOVE it!!! Delivered promptly, no issues. (agree with Gary ... first found it at Costco and now it's gone) I had to order 8 bags to get free shipping :)

Gary Crawford

Best Taffy I've eaten in years! Chewy and full of flavor. Assorted bag comes with eight different flavors. Mouth watering. Sadly, the Costco store in Barrie ran out of product over a week ago, and unfortunately (for me), no new stock has arrived and I'm not sure if they're going to restock. Please bring it back Costco!