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English chocolate? Check! Toffees? Check! Traditional recipes? Check! The Waterbridge Occasions Carton fits all your desires with an assortment of 12 milk and dark chocolate favourites. You'll be able to indulge in milk chocolate soft caramels, milk chocolate coconut truffles, dark chocolate orange cremes, milk chocolate hazelnut swirls, milk chocolate fudge and so many more treats! Pick up a Waterbridge Occasions Carton today for yourself and a loved one. Its classic flavours are made the Waterbridge way: authentic, sustainable and priced right.

Customer Reviews

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Nadine Diplock

The chocolate and toffee mixture was delicious and a sheer delight. We enjoyed them. Thanks.


I am sad, I got very few of the chocolates I really like. There was only 2 of the purple chocolates in this huge carton and they are my favorite. The carton was filled with toffee mostly, which I am not crazy about.

Wonderful Waterbridge!

Such delicious chocolates and candies, and Canadian made, too. Love that you use Canada Post which is vital for those of us with mobility issues. Everything arrived intact so your packaging was perfect. Highly, highly recommend.

René Perron
Great selection , great product quality, great delivery service

Since I have mobility issues, I greatly rely on online shopping and home delivery. Waterbridge not only has a great quality selection to choose from but the parcel in which it is delivered is well stuffed so as not to rattle during shipping. This also means that items intended as gifts like the 600 g. Waterbridge Occasions Carton arrived intact and was gifted in pristine condition, to the delight of the recipient.

A big "Thank You " to Waterbridge for doing things right!

Scott Barrett

Very pleaded with your products. Thanks