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English chocolate? Check! Toffees? Check! Traditional recipes? Check! The Waterbridge Occasions Carton fits all your desires with an assortment of 12 milk and dark chocolate favourites. You'll be able to indulge in milk chocolate soft caramels, milk chocolate coconut truffles, dark chocolate orange cremes, milk chocolate hazelnut swirls, milk chocolate fudge and so many more treats! Pick up a Waterbridge Occasions Carton today for yourself and a loved one. Its classic flavours are made the Waterbridge way: authentic, sustainable and priced right.

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Really good Xmas present
Simple and tasty

Debbie Constable

I was lucky enough to hit the 20% off sale online and purchased a variety of Waterbridge candy including gummies, mini eggs, Licorice allsorts, and wrapped candies. The package arrived promptly and well-packaged. Everything I’ve tried so far has been fresh and delicious. Waterbridge is my favourite candy line!

Doesn't have all the chocolates

I was extremely disappointed in this order. I really loved the tin of the Waterbridge occasions chocolates so much that I decided to spend $40 on chocolate, it had so many of my most favorites. I do like most of the chocolates except the orange and the regular dairy toffee (gold wrapper of tough caramel) and I usually save it for later or give it away. But I was shocked to find that all 3 of my boxes only contained either 1 or zero of my top favorites: 1 milk chocolate toffee stick (long gold wrapper), and zero milk chocolate toffee (blue wrapper) in all of the 3 boxes. And only 1 purple milk chocolate truffle in only 2 of the boxes.

The description is a lie, it doesn't contain all 12 varieties in the box, it's false advertising, only the tin contains a fair amount of each. I have been buying the tins for years of both Waterbridge and Quality street, and I've never seen this lack of variety (but the Waterbridge tins always had better variety, less "filler" and better tasting chocolate than Quality street). It's also completely full of orange and dairy toffee, way more than the tins, basically a filler for me.

I can't believe I wasted $40 on this, I consider $40 quite a large purchase for me and I was super disappointed, I don't usually spend this much on just chocolate, I mostly did it to get free shipping, but I did want at least 3 orders of the Occasions. And the Spring Belgian box that comes in a nice gift wrap was full of alcoholic chocolate that tasted very bad, however, the few good ones in there were very delicious. But I will never order Waterbridge chocolates again. A massive waste of money for me!

Best selection

If you love imported chocolates, candy and cookies look no further great prices and selection.

William Dizy
Order not fulfilled

I was shorted on two items and was not compensated