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You'll love our Waterbridge Occasions chock full of English toffees and chocolates! Some of the traditional favourites you'll find as part of this collection of 12 different flavours include milk chocolate coconut truffles, dark chocolate orange cremes, milk chocolate eclairs, and milk chocolate fudge.

Country of Manufacture: England

*Occasionally it may be necessary to replace sweets. Replacements will be kept to a minimum and will always be of equal or higher quality.

Customer Reviews

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Skye Donald

At half price, these were reasonable. At full price, they are not close enough to Quality Street to be worth the price. I ordered two tins, and between the two, there were only 9/12 toffee selections included. There were were no "milk chocolate fudge" / pink (my favorite Quality Street), "milk chocolate toffee", "milk chocolate truffle", and only one "milk chocolate toffee stick" between the two. The quality is not comparable to Quality Street - these are a notch down - but they're solid quality, and the chocolate is decent. Way too many Dairy Toffee. Not something I'm going to reorder, but not terrible and not something I'd dissuade people from ordering.

Deborah Laurin
Lovely Gift

The assortment was nice and the tin would make a lovely gift for any occasion.

Baharak Sadeghian dehkordi
Great quality

The chocolate has the great quality، and super great deals، and very good customers service، and fast shipping

Bill and Audrey Baird
Delicious chocolate toffees

We are very happy with all of the various chocolates we have purchased from Waterbridge but we’re very disappointed when they cancelled the de luxe chocolate biscuit assortment ( 10 boxes ) from our order

Marie Kirsh
Chocolate Toffee Tin