Butterscotch Candy Travel Tin 175g


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Waterbridge Butterscotch candies are full of indulgent, buttery caramel flavour. Made using proprietary technology that keeps all of the flavours, as well as the delicate sugar coating, intact, these creamy caramel hard candies are the perfect sweet treat.

Country of Manufacture: Germany

Customer Reviews

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Thomas Staines
Don't discontinue the Butterscotch

Why are you discontinuing the butterscotch Candy Travel Tin. From my perspective this decision was based on a few 3 out of 5 star reviews. Come on every one I shared these with raved about them. I also have the summer fruits and Wildberry tins as well and when shared was always followed with where are the butterscotch candies. My preferred store to find Waterbridge candies (other than directly from the website ) is London Drugs who told me they are discontinuing the butterscotch candy. "Help I'm losing friends" Tom in Calgary

Ernest Samson
Product is very good.

Great products. However being sold directly to the public. The price is the same as any store distributing the same product. So keeping this in mind ordering directly from them as a consumer you basically get screwed because you have to cover the shipping. So therefore you are not getting a discount or a deal.

Absolutely delicious!

If you know, you know. If you don’t know, go get you some!
Seriously, these butterscotch candies are a fave of mine. And they are so well priced. I always have a few tins on hand. They make great gifts as well. Delicious creamy taste, sweet but not too sweet. I love these candies!

Robert bradley
Great Candy

Love all the flavours
I’m now a customer for life

Julie Tong
Butterscotch candy

Candy had strange taste and had to throw out.