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When English candy artisans discovered in the late 1800s that mixing a fermenting wine with a gelling agent produced a delicious confection, the Wine Gum was born. Today, Waterbridge brings you authentic Wine Gums in a perfect 400 gram pouch. True English Wine Gums have a rich, exquisite flavour suitable for all tastes. Our Waterbridge Wine Gums offer you no artificial colourings or flavourings, just genuine chewiness and incredible texture. Wine is no longer used in recipes for this type of traditional sweet, making Wine Gums the perfect treat for kids and adults.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Eskenazi
Love your products!!!

Really quick delivery and all of your products are extremely delicious!

Nadine Diplock
Lovely fresh delights

I would prefer the larger bag of wine gums..1 kilo. The 400 gram bag contained wonderful fresh sweet treats.

Jane Dunne Stevens
Great candy!

My son loves them and won’t eat any other brand now! Keep up the great work!

Elizabeth Palatics

Love these wine gums!!!! Best on the market!!