Four Quick Tips To Choosing Better Chocolate


By Waterbridge - January 9, 2017


With the overwhelming number of brands and flavours of chocolate out there, it can be difficult to decide which to buy.

To make things simpler, we’ve put together a quick ‘how to guide’ that should help you choose the highest quality, best tasting chocolate every time!


1. Look at the Ingredients

A good rule of thumb when it comes to chocolate is that less ingredients is more. Our Belgian dark chocolate, for instance, contains only cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, and soy lecithin. (Soy lecithin is something you'll find in most chocolate products; it's an all-natural emulsifier, which means it breaks down oils so that they can be mixed with water.) Other flavors of our chocolates may also have milk powder and natural flavours as well.

Anything else on the ingredients list should raise a red flag. Lower-quality chocolate will often use artificial additives to falsely improve the colour, texture, and flavour of a sub-par product.

2. Watch Out for Trans Fats

Chocolate does not naturally contain trans fat. And we're extremely grateful for this fact; trans fats can lead to an increased risk of heart disease. As opposed to natural chocolate, which has actually been proven to improve your heart, as mentioned in our previous post on chocolate and athletic performance.

While even the common brands have started to creep away from the practice of adding trans fat, it's still something that's worth looking out for.

3. Beware Milk Where Milk Ought Not Be

Of course, milk products belong in milk chocolate (hence the name). However, when it comes to dark chocolate, milk isn't a necessary ingredient.

Some dark chocolate manufacturers will use milk solids to dark chocolate to make it softer and to change the flavour.

4. Taste Test

While we can carry on about how Waterbridge uses the finest ingredients and time-tested methods, and that our products contain all-natural, sustainably-farmed ingredients, we firmly believe that the proof is in the pudding, so-to-speak.

If you really want to know which chocolate is best suited to your palate, take a side-by-side comparison.

If we've piqued your interest and you'd like to test Waterbridge chocolate, you can find our rich, creamy, all natural products at any of these fine distributors.