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Waterbridge. It’s the name you think of when you crave Belgian chocolate, Swiss chocolate, genuine English biscuits, authentic traditional sweets, and the most decadent snacks and treats from abroad.

Now, Waterbridge also offers all the insider info and tidbits you need to make the best choices when it comes to buying products for you, your loved ones and special gift recipients.

The Waterbridge blog is more than a place for you to visit once in a while. It’s a location where you can discover more about the tasty offerings that our company provides to Canadians such as Waterbridge chocolate, biscuits, and sweets. Every Waterbridge product is beautifully packaged, yet always with a sensitivity to protecting the environment.

The next time you want to fill your pantry with chocolate, biscuits and sweet treasures, look for the Waterbridge label. You’ll be assured of investing in the most delicious items you can find from across the pond.

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