2 New And Exciting Types Of Wine Gums!

Wine gums are a true gummy classic, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have a modern makeover! We’ve come up with two new takes on this delicious traditional treat that we know you’ll love. Don’t worry, these new wine gums have the same rich, fruity flavour as our traditional wine gums, but with brand new twists!


Wine Gums for Vegetarians? Yes Please!

Over the years, we’ve received many questions from our customers about our wine gums. One of the most frequent questions we get is, “Are your wine gums suitable for vegetarians?”. In traditional wine gums, gelatine is used as the main binding agent. Gelatine typically comes from two sources, beef or pork, and is used to give wine gums a chewy texture. Unfortunately, this means they aren’t suitable for vegetarians.

Recently, new technology has made it possible to craft wine gums without the use of gelatine, making them free of any animal by-products! This is exiting news for our vegetarian customers, as we can now create a product just for them. This is how our Waterbridge Canada Wine Gums were born!



Here’s What We Did

Instead of using gelatine, modified potato and tapioca starch are used as a binding agent. We find switch seems to cause the wine gums to have more vibrant (but still all-natural!) colours! These delicious wine gums are a bit softer than our regular wine gums, but they have the same rich flavour. Unfortunately, due to the use of beeswax, we cannot recommend these wine gums to our vegan customers. However, they are completely suitable for vegetarians and contain no animal by-products!



The Best Part?

Our Waterbridge Canada Wine Gums are all moulded in adorable Canadian shapes! From beavers and moose, to hockey skates and loonies, we wanted to honour and celebrate Canada’s rich, fascinating history with each and every piece. Every wine gum in the bag is a random selection of colour and shape so you’ll have tons of combinations to choose from! Find out more about this delicious new product from our previous post on gelatine free wine gums!

One Bag, Two Delicious Flavours!

Waterbridge Red and Black wine gums were created from our customers love of two flavours, raspberry and black currant. The red and black coloured wine gums have long been the favourite of many wine gum connoisseurs. Of course, we’d never knock citrus flavours, as the refreshing tastes of lemon, lime and orange are equally fantastic, but somehow red and black have always come out on top!



These delicious berries may have a different shape than our traditional wine gums, but they’re made with the exact same recipe. The same chewy texture and fruity flavour can be found in each bite of these delicious wine gum berries. Made with all-natural colours and flavours, these sweet treats will quickly become a favourite for red and black wine gum lovers!



A New Generation of Wine Gums

Here at Waterbridge, we are constantly searching for the newest innovations, so you can bet there will be new and exciting things to come! With that in mind, we’d love to hear from you! What kind of wine gum do you want to see next? Send us your ideas to info@waterbridge.net or leave them in the comments below. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest news on new Waterbridge products!

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