Canada Summer Snacking With Waterbridge Wine Gums


By Waterbridge - July 7, 2017

Sometimes sitting in your office all day can be difficult, especially when the summer weather is calling your name! If you are craving the outdoors and something delicious, we won’t judge you. In fact, we want you to enjoy your summer snack breaks as much as possible! Warm Canadian weather + sun + Waterbridge wine gums and snacks with your favourite co-workers? Sounds like the perfect afternoon in the office.


Celebrating Canada 150 with Waterbridge Wine Gums

This summer is special for Canada, as we all come together to celebrate the nation’s 150th birthday! We kept snacking in mind when we created our Special Edition Canada 150 Waterbridge Wine Gums. This perfectly sized re-sealable pouch has a shape and flavour for everyone in your office to enjoy.

The size of the pouch and packaging makes it easy to spot on store shelves – you can’t miss the bright red Maple Leaf! Even though you probably won’t be able to save any wine gums for later, the re-sealable package keeps these treats perfectly chewy and fresh for a longer period of time.

Topics of conversation around the office water cooler are going to reach an all-time high with these Special Edition Canada 150 Waterbridge Wine Gums! There are eight shapes in each bag, representing iconic Canadian symbols in various colours:

Ice skates
Loonie coin
Maple leaf
Canadian flag
Moose head
Waterbridge bar

Here is a fun fact about beavers to kick-start your conversations: The world’s largest beaver dam stretches 850 meters deep in the thick wilderness of northern Alberta! It was discovered after being spotted on a satellite image in 2007, but scientists believe multiple generations of beavers have been working on the dam since the 1970s. Wow!

You know what else will help make you Employee of the Month in your office? Pointing out that the Special Edition Canada 150 Waterbridge Wine Gums are gelatin-free! That means that everyone, including vegetarians, can enjoy a summer snack break with you. You can feel great treating your co-workers to products that are gelatin-free, but also made with natural colours and flavours.

Treat yourself and your office to Waterbridge Wine Gums! Find this item at Walmart Canada stores.

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