How Picking Beans Makes Waterbridge The Best Chocolate In Toronto


By Waterbridge - November 4, 2016


At Waterbridge, we have made it our mission to find the most delicious candies, chocolates, and confections from around the world, and bring them to you at a reasonable price. After all, everyone deserves a little indulgence now and again.

As such, quality always takes center stage with every Waterbridge product, and our chocolate is no exception. A lot goes into making our chocolate some of the best chocolate in Toronto, but perhaps the most important factor in the quality of our chocolate comes from the ingredients—namely, the use of only rare, fine, aromatic cocoa beans in the production of our chocolate.

Aren't All Cocoa Beans Cocoa?

Cocoa beans fall under one of two categories: Bulk cocoa beans and Fine or flavour cocoa. The difference between the two is pretty much spelt out in their names.

Beans that qualify as 'Fine or flavour' provide a much richer aroma and more nuanced flavour, and are sought after by top-qualify chocolatiers the world over.

All other beans count as 'Bulk', which are far more common and are available in massive quantities at a much lower price. 95% of cocoa beans produced in the world are 'Bulk' quality.

The difference in flavour and aroma is considerable. Connoisseurs and experts in quality chocolate have been known to say that comparing a chocolate made with bulk cocoa and one made with fine or flavoured cocoa is like comparing a fine merlot that's been brewed in an oak cask, with backyard hooch that was brewed in an old bathtub.

Taste the Difference

The quality of the bean has a lot to do with the superior flavor of Waterbridge and other fine chocolates, but it's not the only reason. Waterbridge only imports from authentic chocolatiers and confectioners who use traditional methods and only quality, sustainably-farmed ingredients.

Are you ready to taste the difference? Find Waterbridge chocolate at any of these fine distributors, and prepare your taste buds for the rich, complex, delectable difference that the finest cocoa makes.

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