Three English Biscuits To Enjoy This Summer



English biscuits truly are the perfect year-round treat. They pair well with almost anything, they don’t melt in the summer heat and there’s no doubt they’re delicious. Summer provides plenty of delicious flavour pairings for our favourite English biscuits, from fruity to creamy to tangy citrus!


So Which English Biscuits are Really Best for Summer Snacking?

The Dreamiest English Biscuit… Custard Creams!

The light and fluffy texture and soft vanilla flavour pairs perfectly with many things, but our favourite by far is lemon. A deliciously tangy herbal lemon tea adds a fresh summery taste to a soft, crumbly Custard Cream English biscuit. Dunking is highly recommended!



The Most British English Biscuit… Digestives!

These delicious biscuits are well known in England for their dunk-ability! They are highly absorbent so they quickly soak up all of the heavenly flavours from your beverage of choice. Though digestives are normally paired with rich creamy Earl Greys and other black teas, we suggest a coffee or latte combination for a unique and delicious treat on a summer morning. The subtle sweetness of this English biscuit, whether it’s plain or topped with chocolate, compliments and smooths the powerful taste of the coffee.



The Chocolaty English Biscuit… Bourbon Creams!

Not many things in this world are better than the well-known combination of chocolate and strawberry. The chocolaty Bourbon cream is a versatile English biscuit, but strawberries and cream have to be one of it’s best matches. The strawberries add a fresh summery vibe, while a soft dollop of cream and rich chocolaty Bourbon cream add decadence to this sweet summer snack.



What’s your Favourite English Biscuit Pairing?

We want to hear from you! What are your favourite things to pair with English biscuits? Tea? Fruit? Cake? Send us an email to to let us know.

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