All About Swiss Chocolate And Why We Love it


The Swiss are well known for their high-quality standards. This high quality is of course extended to their most famous export, chocolate. But how did this delicious treat, with origins stemming from ancient Aztec tribes, gain such high notoriety across the world as a truly Swiss product? Or in other words…


How Exactly Did Swiss Chocolate Become So Famous?

While chocolate production began across Europe in the 17th century, the origins of what we know to be Swiss chocolate can most likely be traced back to Franҫois-Louis Cailler. Mr. Cailler began his chocolaty journey in Turin, Italy learning the secrets of chocolate making. He gathered this vital information over four years of study before finally returning to Switzerland to open the first mechanized chocolate production factory in 1819.



Cailler eventually opened a second factory in 1825 which he sold to his son and his son-in-law Daniel Peter, another important name in the history of Swiss chocolate. Peter would go on to develop the world’s first Milk Chocolate bar by adding condensed milk to the recipe, paving the way for Switzerland’s thriving chocolate industry of today. The invention of milk chocolate combined with centuries of expertise and a reputation for high quality standards are arguably some of the biggest reasons Swiss chocolate remains so famous to this day.

So How is Swiss Chocolate Different?

In order to legally call chocolate “Swiss”, it must be produced in Switzerland. However, the cocoa beans are most often sourced from Africa and South America, along with cocoa beans for most other chocolate companies. So, the real difference between Swiss chocolate and chocolate produced in other countries across the world lies in the process and other ingredients, such as milk.


Switzerland is arguably best known for its milk chocolate, with milk chocolate making up 80% of all chocolate consumed in Switzerland, and for good reason! Swiss chocolate contains more milk than most chocolate, offering a distinctly smooth and creamy flavour and texture you won’t find elsewhere. It also tends to contain a lower cocoa content and higher levels of sugar, allowing for a luxurious “melt on the tongue” experience.


That Sounds Great! Where Can I Buy Swiss Chocolate in Canada?

While 54% of all Swiss chocolate produced is consumed in Switzerland, 13% is exported to North America! Waterbridge Mountain Range chocolate bars make up part of that 13% and can be found exclusively in our Candy Outlet in Pickering, Ontario. For under $5, you can purchase 300g of this delicious, premium, expertly crafted chocolate to eat on its own, or even to make our delicious and simple Swiss Chocolate Mug Cake!

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