Canadian Chocolate Gifts That Speak Your Love Language


By Waterbridge - February 5, 2020

There’s more to the perfect Valentine’s gift than how much you spend. The sentiment behind the gift is often more important than the gift itself. So what better way is there to impress the loved ones in your life than picking out a gift that speaks to their love language?

Coined by Dr. Gary Chapman, love languages are a great place to start when looking for the perfect gift. We’ve come up with a simple guide to match our delicious Canadian chocolate up with each of the five love languages!


If Their Love Language is “Gift Giving”, Try This…

Our incredibly luxurious and decadent Waterbridge Masterpiece chocolate collection is the perfect gift for Canadian chocolate lovers. Especially ones who speak the language of a thoughtful gift! Not only is the packaging stunning, but the Canadian chocolates inside are crafted with care by our expert artisanal partners. Full of adventurous flavours like Raspberry Champagne Truffle, Gin & Tonic and Salted Caramel, your gift-loving recipient will feel pampered like never before!



“Quality Time” Enthusiasts Will Feel Fulfilled Receiving This Gift

Creating the perfect gift for lovers of quality time doesn’t have to be difficult! Combine something they love to do with you, like watching a movie or playing a board game, with some delicious snacks you can make together! We suggest this super simple gummy candy popcorn recipe. It’s perfect for all skill levels and it’s delicious. Add Waterbridge Cupid Mix for a festive touch to make your quality time loving friends, family and significant others feel cherished.



For Those Who Value “Physical Touch”

Seal your Valentine’s day with a kiss by giving your loved one a Waterbridge Kiss Heart lolly! These premium chocolate lollies are perfect for sharing while snuggled up on the couch. Gift them to a special person in your life who appreciates closeness, companionship and the physical side of love! Lots of hugs and kisses are welcome with these sweet pops.


Show Them You Care with This Chocolatey “Act of Service”

Crafting something for these incredible people is a sure-fire way straight to their heart! Create a delicious dessert of creamy chocolate inside out strawberries using Waterbridge premium Belgian chocolate. This will show those who appreciate acts of service just how much they are valued. Whether it’s your family member, a close friend or a special someone, there’s nothing better after a long day than a sweet, chocolatey dessert!



Tell Them How Much They Mean to You With “Words of Affirmation”

Spell them out with decadent Canadian chocolate! Whether it’s “I love you” or “You’re so special”, you’ll be able to melt the hearts of these special love language enthusiasts with our Waterbridge Chocolate Love Letters! Even if words aren’t your strong suit, these deliciously creamy letters will help you create a truly special moment for someone you care for.



Don’t be Afraid to Mix & Match!

Many people relate to more than one love language. Combine a few of these ideas to pull together a truly special and unique day for you and your loved ones! We’d love to hear how your day turns out. Let us know what your unique Valentine’s plans are and how they went! Send us an email to, leave us a comment below, or find us on Facebook and Twitter @WaterbridgeJoy.

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