The Origins Of Summer's Favourite Fruit Candy: Salt Water Taffy

As much as we love our chocolate, during the summer months, it can be tricky to eat them without it becoming a melted chocolate mess! While biscuits are delicious, they can get a bit soggy when you’re at the beach or by the pool. So, where do we go for our summer sugar fix?! Don’t worry, we’ve got a solution. Salt. Water. Taffy.

These deliciously sweet, chewy treats are full of fruit candy flavour. Incredibly light and soft due to the unique aerating process used to create salt water taffy, they’re the perfect treat to enjoy in the summer heat!


So, What is Salt Water Taffy?

Other than delicious, salt water taffy is a type of soft taffy invented in the 19th century. Despite its name, it doesn’t actually contain any salt water, though it is generally sold along the coast in North America. Salt water taffy was first sold in Atlantic City, New Jersey and has become a staple fruit candy along boardwalks in both the US and Canada. The association with boardwalks and the ocean, along with its soft fluffy texture, makes it a wonderful summer time treat!

The creation of salt water taffy is an interesting process. Confectioners will pull and stretch a mixture of sugar, cornstarch, corn syrup, glycerine, water, butter and salt. The mixture is pulled long and folded over itself, creating tiny air bubbles that give taffy it’s uniquely fluffy texture. Though the process is now done by machines, in the 19th century, pulling taffy was a community event. Taffy pulling parties were often a fantastic way of celebrating birthdays, graduations and other special events!



The Mystery of Salt Water Taffy

While this sweet, fruit candy was made popular by American business man and confectioner Joseph F. Fralinger (aka the king of salt water taffy!), the true origin of salt water taffy is largely unknown. There are a few stories floating around about the creation of salt water taffy, one of which involves a man named David Bradley.

The story goes that David Bradley’s candy store on the boardwalk was flooded in 1883, soaking all of his taffy in sea water. A little girl came into his shop to buy some taffy so David Bradley offered her some of his, “Salt Water Taffy”. After trying his taffy, the girl purchased some to enjoy with her friends at the beach. David Bradley’s mother overheard the exchange and convinced him to rename his taffy, “Salt Water Taffy”!

While it is a wonderful story, it’s most likely an old wives’ tale, leaving the true origin of salt water taffy a mystery!



What Makes Waterbridge Salt Water Taffy so Special?

Waterbridge’s Just Taffy is special for many reasons! All of our taffy is made using sustainable palm oil instead of butter. Both bags are also safe for vegetarians.

In addition to our bag of traditional flavoured taffy, we’ve also launched an incredibly unique bag full of sour taffy! These fruit candy pieces come in 6 fantastic flavours, grape, lemon, orange, blue raspberry, apple and cherry! If you aren’t a fan of sour, then our traditional taffy might be for you! With flavours like cotton candy, raspberry lemonade and frosted cupcake, each pouch is like a summer carnival in a bag!


Where Can You Find this Delicious Fruit Candy?

You can pick up your own bag of Waterbridge Just Taffy on our website today! Both the sour taffy and traditional taffy are available for only $2.99 per bag! We’d love to know; how will you enjoy your Waterbridge Just Taffy this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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