Easy Waterbridge Chocolate Treats Kids Can Eat


By Waterbridge - August 5, 2017

Summertime is one of the best seasons to enjoy fun activities and quality time with your family. After all, the kids are out of school and need to be kept busy! Even though they may be in and out of camp or spending a day at the park, there will always be moments when someone might say, “I’m bored…”

Keep the boredom at bay with our Waterbridge chocolate dipped liquorice recipe! This is a very easy guide on how you can incorporate your whole family to help make a fun and colourful treat. Each family member can choose their 


favourite candy flavours or crushed cookies to decorate the dipped liquorice with. This is a perfect recipe to bring outdoors on a beautiful summer night!

Ingredients and Equipment

  • (2) bags of red liquorice
  • Waterbridge Chocolates: Belgian Milk Bar or Dark Bar 400 g
  • (2) cups of crushed pretzels
  • (2) cups of rainbow sprinkles
  • (2) cups of crushed cookies or biscuits
  • Double boiler (metal mixing bowl and pot)
  • (4) Cookie sheet
  • Wax paper

Yields: Treats for 10-15 individuals

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 20 minutes

Cooling time: 1 hour


  • Crush pretzels, cookies, biscuits and any other preferred treats (crushed peanuts, mint candies, etc.). Place in shallow bowls.
  • Place wax paper onto 3-4 cookie sheets. The wax paper will prevent the liquorice from sticking.
  • Set up double boiler: Fill pot with about one inch of water and place metal mixing bowl on top. If the bottom of the bowl becomes wet, then empty some of the water out of the pot.
  • Turn the stove to medium temperature. Once the water begins to boil, turn the temperature down so the water remains steaming, not reaching a rolling boil.
  • Begin by breaking the Waterbridge Belgian Milk Bar or Waterbridge Belgian Dark Bar apart, then placing the pieces into the metal mixing bowl. Continue stirring until the chocolate reaches a smooth consistency.
  • This is where it gets fun for the kids! Have them carefully dip the liquorice into the melted Waterbridge chocolate and then decorate it with any of the crushed treats.
  • Place the decorated liquorice onto cookie sheet covered with wax paper.
  • Let them cool for approximately one hour and enjoy!

Bring It Outside With a Backyard Campout

Can’t get away for a summer weekend? Bring the fun to your own backyard by creating a backyard campout, complete with your very own Waterbridge chocolate dipped liquorice! Prepare all the ingredients inside and when the campfire is ready, bring all your ingredients and equipment outside.

We suggest an adult creates the fire while ensuring all safety precautions are taken – don’t forget gloves. You can always reheat the Waterbridge chocolate; always make sure to take it off the fire when your kids are dipping the liquorice.

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