Need A Bridal Shower Idea? Get 'Classy' With High-Tea And English Biscuits


By Waterbridge - August 31, 2017 


The weather is hot. The nights are warm. The trees are green, and the flowers are blooming. Summer is often synonymous with ‘wedding season’. It's the perfect time of year to plan a bridal shower. Nothing is a better blend of classy, casual, and cute than a High-Tea theme with Waterbridge English biscuits!


What's a High-Tea Bridal Shower?

Do you remember holding tea parties as a child? Of course you do! Most girls (and a lot of fathers and reluctant older brothers) have sipped on some crazy make-believe-flavoured teas with imaginary companions. And even if you weren't a 'tea party sort of gal', you're likely familiar with the concept: It takes a super-formal, high-class ritual, and makes it fun by adding English biscuits, a little imagination and personality.

Just like a kid's tea party, every high-tea bridal shower is as unique as the guest of honour, and custom-tailored for your friends' own brand of fun! If you have been tasked with organizing this for the bride-to-be, it can be made even easier with Waterbridge English biscuits and treats!

How to Host A High-Tea Bridal Shower in 3 Easy Steps!

Planning a high-tea bridal shower is as easy as 1-2-3:

1. Choose a Theme.

Get creative! Tap into your imagination to make the ceremony suit your personality!

Is your group all about high-class swank? Then get swanky! Prepare some tea and cheese pairings. Make the event formal with some elegant themes—or go all-out and make the high-tea party a 'black-tie' evening cocktail affair!

Is your group more of the party girl sort? Nobody said a tea party had to be quiet! Clear a dance floor, hook up some karaoke, get those party games ready—and, when the tea party's done, follow it up with a night on the town!

Looking for something that's still fun, but a bit more low-key? A tea party is a perfect base for some quiet elegance, and the season is perfect for a picnic-style brunch or an outdoor soiree. You could also consider renting a cottage for a few days and make a fun weekend out of it!

2. Choose the Refreshments

English biscuits are a must. After all, this is tea. Anything else simply wouldn't be civil. Waterbridge biscuits and other sweets are made with high quality ingredients while keeping exquisite taste in mind. Now this is what we call a match made in heaven for your bridal party’s afternoon tea! Waterbridge biscuits offer an authentic English biscuit flavour and texture that will accompany all food and drinks. If you want to follow a quintessential English theme during your afternoon tea, pick up additional Waterbridge items like our Allsorts Pouch and Dolly Mix Pouch.

Make sure that your food caters to both the theme and time of day. If you're doing a brunch, finger-sandwiches may be in order, whereas if you're themed for an evening of elegance, finger-foods such as bruschetta will complement your tea and biscuits quite nicely.

To top off a spectacular High Tea you’ll most certainly want an assortment of teas from which your esteemed guests might choose. Earl Grey is the most common option, but there are an incredible variety of delicious teas available—fruity, herbal, strong, mellow, green, white, black. There's a perfect tea for any palate!



If your high tea event is a more “spirited” one, not to worry! There are a bunch of tea cocktails that are surprisingly delicious. Just remember to have a non-alcoholic option so that any designated drivers or non-drinkers don't feel left out!

3. Don't Forget the Goodies!

What's a sure-fire way to make sure your bridal shower is unforgettable? Send them home with some mementos! Going out after? Get some custom-printed party shirts! Want an on-theme take-away? How about party-printed tea cups!Looking for something that's a little less expensive than a custom job? How about a variety of teas with self-printed party-themed labels?

The only limit is your imagination—and when it comes to tea parties, there's no shortage of that!

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