How To Keep English Biscuits Fresh All Summer Long


Anyone who loves food knows that summer is not a friend to shelf life. While we rejoice in the sunshine after a chilly winter, our chocolate melts in our pantries, our candy becomes sticky and our delicate English biscuits suck up moisture like sponges in a bathtub.

Luckily, one thing Canadians are great at is adapting to wild weather. We cool our beer in snow drifts and toss our chocolate in the fridge in the summer or, even better, eat it before it melts! Unfortunately, we can’t do the same with English biscuits, as they lose their crispy texture and will absorb other flavours in the fridge.

So How Do You Keep English Biscuits Fresh?

The best way to ensure your English biscuits stay fresh is by keeping them in an airtight container. Moisture and biscuits don’t mix well, so storing them in Tupperware is a good option.

A cookie barrel is another fantastic way to keep your biscuits fresh and they also look stylish sitting on your counter or dessert table. Cookie barrels, commonly known in the US and Canada as cookie jars, have been around since the late 18th century. First invented in England, they expanded into the US and Canada during the Great Depression.



While they’ve changed in style and material, cookie barrels are still the best way to keep the crunch in your English biscuits. Last year, we decided it was about time to launch our own cookie barrel, with a Canadian twist! We’ve decorated our Waterbridge Cookie Barrel with a limited edition Canadian design, each barrel also comes pre-filled with delicious Waterbridge English biscuits!


Summer Tea and English Biscuit Pairings

Summer is the perfect time to sit in the garden and enjoy a cup of tea and a plate of delicious English biscuits. With all of the fantastic flavours of tea out there, you can find a tea for every biscuit and season.

Our Tea and Biscuit Recommendations

  • Strawberry tea and Bourbon Cream biscuits. Strawberries, cream and chocolate, what could be better than that on a hot summer day?
  • Lemon tea and Custard Creams. The lemon tea adds a gorgeous and refreshing summery citrus flavour to this creamy vanilla biscuit.
  • Peach and ginger tea with Nice biscuits. Nothing says summer like fresh peaches, so this combination of fruity peach and tangy ginger would pair perfectly with a sweet but understated Nice biscuit.
  • Earl Grey and Shortbread. Shortbread doesn’t have to disappear after Christmas! A crumbly shortbread biscuit is the perfect match for the rich, strong flavour of an Earl Grey tea at any time of the year.

Let us know if you test out any of these yummy pairings this summer, or if you have any tips for summer tea and biscuits of your own in the comments or by emailing us at!