Simple Funsorts Candy Trail Mix Perfect For Any Occasion

Whether you’re on a road trip, enjoying the great Canadian outdoors, or relishing in the lack of snow from your own back yard, summer is the best season to get outside! The only thing that could make the sunshine any better is munching on the perfect summer snack, Funsorts candy trail mix!


How to Make Funsorts Candy Trail Mix

What you’ll need:

  • 2 cups pre-popped popcorn
  • 1 bag Waterbridge Funsorts Candy 400g
  • 1 cup of your favourite nuts (almonds and sunflower seeds work well)

Yields: 1 jar of Trail Mix <br >Prep Time: 5 minutes

  • Set out your ingredients
  • Add popcorn to a large bowl and sprinkle the Funsorts Candy and assorted nuts on top. Occasionally toss ingredients to incorporate, toss lightly to avoid heavier ingredients ending up at the bottom.
  • Portion trail mix into bags or reusable containers for easy traveling



Don’t Go On a Summer Trip Without These


Avoid having to stop often at gas stations and spend more money than you need to by packing your own snacks! Funsorts candy trail mix is a mix of both savoury and sweet, making it a great trip snack! Sandwiches, protein bars and pre-chopped fruit are also great snacks when you’re stuck in a car.

Podcasts, Playlist & Headphones (and a Portable Charger!)

Trips can be long and tedious. Make sure you have plenty of entertainment cued up for the ride! Making a trip playlist in advance can prevent the inevitable anxiety of being trusted with the auxiliary chord. If you get bored of listening to music, there are some fantastic podcasts available!

Podcasts for summer trips:

  • Ear Biscuits (Comedy) – Cohosts Rhett and Link candidly discuss every topic under the sun
  • Other People’s Problems (Society & Culture) – From CBC Radio: Real people discuss their real problems with Hillary McBride
  • TED Talks Daily (Education) – TED Talks on the go, in-depth discussions from incredible minds at your finger tips
  • Serial (News & Politics) – An investigative journalism piece. Each season, the true events of one story are narrated by Sarah Koenig

GPS & a Backup Map

If you don’t have a GPS system in your car, you can utilize the Google Maps or navigation app installed in your smart phone. Waze is another app that is great for navigating; it gives updates on traffic as well as coupons and discounts for restaurants and businesses near your location. Always have a backup map handy, in case your phone battery dies!

Blanket & Neck Pillow

If you’re headed out on a long trip, make sure to bring along a blanket and neck pillow (totally underrated and so comfortable!) to get cozy!



The Best Place to Stock Up on Funsorts Candy

Before you take off on your exciting road trip, make sure to stop by Bulk Barn to pick up some Waterbridge Funsorts, as well as other summer essentials! Not only will you find all the ingredients to make your Funsorts candy trail mix, Bulk Barn also stocks fantastic containers to store all of your treats in so your car stays tidy throughout any trip!

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