Introducing: Waterbridge Canada 150, Limited Edition Wine Gums


By Waterbridge - May 5, 2017

Have you grown to love the flavours of Waterbridge Canada wine gums? This deliciously chewy and soft sweet is a timeless classic, a shareable snack, and a staple in many Canadian homes. We are committed to providing the best products for your family, which is why we are launching a limited-edition pack of our beloved Waterbridge wine gums for Canada’s 150th Birthday!


Gelatin-Free Wine Gums

What’s so different about these wine gums? Our exclusive recipe is gelatin-free! Not to mention, they are always made with natural colours and flavours.Our limited-edition product keep its delicious flavour without the use of gelatin, allowing everyone, including vegetarians and vegans,to enjoy this sweet.

Celebrating Canada’s 150th Anniversary

In honour of celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary this year, we created eight shapes that reflect some of the most iconic Canadian items and landscapes. These shapes include:

  • Beaver
  • Ice skates
  • Canoe
  • Loonie coin
  • Maple leaf
  • Canadian flag
  • Moose head
  • Waterbridge bar

Waterbridge founder, Brian Hicks, chose these shapes while reflecting on the Canadian memories he made since moving here from South Wales.

What is winter fun without a frozen pond and a pair of skates? The ice skate wine gums represent fond memories Brian has of watching his daughters play hockey. His family has also spent time in Algonquin Park which is represented by the beaver, canoe, and moose head. The camping trips may have resulted in a lot of mosquito bites, but the Canadian wilderness and its preserved parks are a large part of Canada’s iconic landscape and their memories!

What iconic Canadian memories have you created with your family? Make sure to share your story with us over a bag of our Waterbridge Canada 150 Limited Edition wine gums using hashtag #WaterbridgeJoy and #Canada150!