Spring Gift Giving With Waterbridge Belgian Chocolate In Canada


By Waterbridge - April 28, 2017 

After a cold winter in Canada, we’re more than happy to welcome spring with open arms! It’s time to come out of hibernation and start making immediate plans to enjoy this warm weather with friends and family. With your party invite just around the corner, follow our gift-giving guide to help you decide on the right treat to bring as a hosting gift. Is the host a Waterbridge Belgian chocolate lover? Maybe they crave the crunch of our indulgent biscuits? We have you covered!


Choosing the Right Gift

We know spring is in the air when friends and family are excited to invite you over for a meal on their patio or a dinner with all the dining room windows open. No matter the type of event you have been invited to, Waterbridge has a treat that will surprise and delight any host.

Some questions you should ask are, ‘How many people will be attending?’ and ‘What type of sweet does the host usually enjoy?’ Knowing these answers will have you prepared to please everyone at the get-together. Waterbridge Belgian chocolate has become a gift-giving staple in Canada and with over 20 Belgian chocolate items to choose from, there is definitely something for everyone. If you want to gift a chocolate bar and then some, we have ideas to help you decorate our Mini Eggz TubBelgian Hollow Bunnies and Belgian Chick Bunny Pops. These packages are very easy to transport and share!

How to Decorate Your Gift

Gifting Waterbridge Belgian chocolate in Canada is simple.Here, we share three ways to do it a little differently this spring! All of these items can be found at your local craft store.

  1. In five easy steps, your Mini Eggz Tub is ready for gift-giving with this tissue paper flower. All you need is colourful paper, scissors and tape to secure the flower.



2. Place our Belgian Hollow Bunnies and Hollow Chicks in a basket or a box with faux grass. You can also add more delicious items that can be easily propped against the basket or box.



3. Creating tags to tie to our Belgian Chick Bunny Pops is as easy as finding a colourful spring pattern and printing it off an at-home printer. Try using a thick paper such as card stock and twine for tying.




Embrace Canada’s Spring Weather With Waterbridge Belgian Chocolate

As the days are getting longer and warmer, the sun seems to shine brighter. Spring weather is the perfect time to put your gift-giving and decorating skills to great use, all while adding a smile to someone’s face.

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