Introducing Your New Fruit Candy Favourites For Summer


By Waterbridge - June 26, 2019


If you love fruity flavour, then we’ve got a few treats we know you’ll love! Summer is finally here! In honour of the sunny weather, we wanted to shine a spotlight on some incredible fruity candy. Some are new to our range and some are delicious old favourites; there’s something for every candy lover on this list!


Bring on the Whole Orchard with these Fruit Candies!

This incredibly unique product is made with a very special ingredient called, “Pectin”. Pectin, found in fruits like berries and apples, is naturally occurring and is responsible for the soft jelly nature of these fruit candies. They come in six summery flavours, raspberry, black currant, pear, lemon, lime and orange, and are suitable for vegetarians!

Each of the ingredients inside these delicious candies are derived only from plants. Though they are made in a factory where they may come into contact with beeswax and other ingredients, so we cannot recommend them for vegans. Waterbridge Orchard Fruit Jellies are the perfect refreshing summer fruit candy. Their rich flavour makes them the perfect addition to any afternoon tea or summer gathering!



These Summer Fruit Candies are Perfect to Take with You on the Road!

Our Waterbridge hard fruit candy comes in many styles and flavours. From solid hard candies, to fruit filled candy centres, each Waterbridge fruit candy has its own unique traits! Our Waterbridge Travel Tins come in five different flavours and are the perfect treat to keep in the car for long trips. Their compact tin makes them the perfect fit for your car’s console or glove box and their resealable lid will keep them fresh all summer long!



If you’re adventurous and love unique flavour pairings, you’ve got to try our Chocolate Limes and Black Currant Liquorice! These combinations may sound a bit out there, but they come together like a summery dream. Their incredibly fruity and refreshing exteriors hide delicious surprise fillings of premium quality milk chocolate and bold black liquorice!

If bold flavour combinations aren’t your cup of tea, our Waterbridge Just Fruit Drops and Just Fruit Sherbet bags will satisfy all of your fruity candy cravings. In summery flavours like raspberry, black currant and orange, these sweet treats are easy to take on the go and perfect for sharing with friends!



Keep it Light and Fluffy with Waterbridge Just Mallows!

Even after a long cold winter, sometimes the sun gets to be a bit too much. Of course, we’re not complaining, but on a hot summer day, a lighter snack is perfect to enjoy by the pool! Waterbridge Mallows are the fruit candy for the job! Their incredible flavours are all crafted with natural ingredients and they’re also GMO and fat free. Soak up the sun while snacking guilt free on this deliciously fruity new summer range!


Don’t Leave Home Without a Hint of Summer Fruits!

We want to know where you will take your Waterbridge fruit candy this summer! To the cottage or by the pool? Camping or on a cross-country road trip? What’s your favourite travel snack? Let us know in the comments below or send us an email to! You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter by searching @WaterbridgeJoy!

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