Why We Partnered With Cocoa For Schools & Our Impact


By Waterbridge - June 8, 2021 


There were two reasons Brian was convinced in 2018 to have Waterbridge support the Cocoa for Schools project. Firstly, Cocoa for Schools has a clear and focused mission. Secondly and most importantly, it delivers over 96% of revenue directly to the villages. In a few short years, 760 classrooms have been built or renovated, and these upgrades are already producing results. In many of our schools where renovations have taken place, pass rates for 7th grade exams have risen from just over 50% to over 90%.

Our goal is to build or renovate 2,000 classrooms across the 140 primary schools in the region, but we can’t do this alone! Did you know schools can be built with chocolate? Yes, they can! You can help us build a school; all you have to do is enjoy some incredible Waterbridge chocolate carrying the Cocoa for Schools logo. So, what do you say? Let’s build a school, brick by brick, bar by bar.



Waterbridge’s partnership with Cocoa for Schools isn’t just about building schools – it’s about creating hope and a strong foundation for families in Tanzania to prosper and flourish. We’re thrilled with the positive changes we’ve witnessed in the communities where schools have been built and, thanks to your support of our Bars for Bricks program, we look forward to working with Cocoa for Schools to continue to build a brighter future!

Check out the map below by clicking on the schools in the left hand column to see what your donations have helped us achieve. Click “Details” under each photo to find out more about each school.