Plain Tea Biscuits: The Underrated English Biscuit


The humble, plain tea biscuit is usually made up of only a handful of simple ingredients. This uncomplicated treat is often overlooked in favour of its glamorous cousins filled with jams and creams and doused in chocolate. But the tried-and-true tea biscuit isn’t to be trifled with! Of all the English biscuits, our Malted Milks and Shortcake biscuits are the best companion for your tea or coffee! 

What is a tea biscuit?

As modest as they come, a truly delicious tea biscuit is one that soaks up the flavour of our favourite hot beverages. Yes, they are a flat, semi-sweet baked good that has been around for centuries, but a true tea biscuit is so much more than that! A true tea biscuit is sturdy enough to survive a double dunk, yet fluffy enough to absorb the most subtle flavours! English tea biscuits are versatile and satisfying. Once you’ve enjoyed them with a cup of tea, you’ll never want to go without!



When should I serve these underserved English biscuits?

The short answer is ALL THE TIME! For a more specific answer, see below.

As a Morning Treat

Nothing sets a better mood for the day than starting it with something sweet! Wake up on the right side of the bed by adding an English tea biscuit to your morning beverage. We can almost guarantee it will make you 90% less grouchy… almost.

After a Meal

What could be more satisfying than a hot cup of tea and a biscuit at the end of a meal? Tea and biscuits can also be a great palate cleanser between courses, as well as a stand-alone dessert. If you’re looking for a palate cleanser, opt for lightly brewed green, black or mint tea!

Afternoon Tea

We obviously couldn’t leave afternoon tea off the list! A favourite of many Brits, afternoon tea is where English biscuits feel most at home. You can create some delicious pairings of biscuits and tea and of course top it all off with scones, finger sandwiches and lots and lots of cakes!

English Tea Biscuits: The True Heroes of Tea

We hope this blog serves as a PSA not to overlook these true British classics. We know you won’t regret it! They may not be covered in chocolate or filled with cream, but they’ll certainly taste delicious with a hot cup of tea. Pick up your own box of Waterbridge Cookie Barrel Tea Biscuits on our website today to find out what you’ve been missing!

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