Simple Dessert Recipes Using Wine Gums For Canada Day


By Waterbridge - June 17, 2020


Waterbridge Canada wine gums come in all sorts of fantastic Canadian shapes. Hockey skates, beavers, loonies, moose and more fill each bag, making them the perfect treat to celebrate Canada Day with! We’ve come up with some fun recipe ideas using our Waterbridge Canada wine gums to add tons of colour and fun to your Canada Day celebrations!


Canada Day Wine Gum Popsicles

These delicious and festive popsicles only take 5 minutes to make! You’ll need to freeze them over night though, so start these 24 hours before you want to serve them for maximum icy-ness!

All you’ll need for these is a bag of Waterbridge Canada wine gums, a popsicle mould, and your choice of fruit juice or pop!

  1. Add your wine gums to the popsicle mould.
  2. Pour your fruit juice or pop over the wine gums (leave enough room at the top for the popsicle stick).
  3. Pop in your popsicle sticks and place the moulds in the freezer over night or until the popsicles have hardened!

These popsicles are fun and simple to make with kids! Despite the name, wine gums contain no alcohol, so they’re perfectly safe for children!



The Perfect Wine Gum Popcorn Mix

Popcorn is such a versatile snack. It’s a go-to snack when you’re curling up inside to watch a movie, but it’s also a fantastic summer snack because it’s so light! Perfect for day-time festivities and nighttime fireworks alike.

Mixing a bag of Waterbridge Canada wine gums into your popcorn will give your guests a burst of fruity summer flavour they’ll love! Mix the sweet with some savoury and put some of this delicious snack out at your Canada Day get-together. Create personalized portions to make serving simpler by placing them in individual bowls or even retro popcorn bags!



Wine Gum Mixed Drink Garnishes

Add some sweet Canadian shapes to your drinks by topping them off with Waterbridge Canada wine gums! These colourful Canadian shapes will look fantastic floating in a glass of champagne or sparkling wine or topping off sweet frozen cocktails like bellinis or frozen daiquiris. Get creative with this one! You can even involve the kids by mixing some Canada wine gums in with their juice or pop!



Celebrate With Waterbridge

Get creative and have fun! If you use Waterbridge products in a recipe this Canada Day, we’d love to see what you created. Tag us on social media @WaterbridgeJoy or send us an email to to share your Waterbridge creations!