Sustainability In The Biscuit Industry

When the Great British Biscuit Company was first founded, sustainability was one of its primary goals. Today, we’re happy to say that we’re well on our way to adopting the most effective practices to show our stewardship of the world’s natural resources. Some of the ways that we’ve chosen to show our seriousness toward sustainability include partnering with companies that:

  • Use sustainable palm oil. Palm oil can be processed in a number of ways. Our partners use practices that ensure the smallest possible effect on the environment during processing. They also choose to work with farmers who believe in sustainable practices as part of their agricultural businesses. This helps reward likeminded small business people for their commitment to greening the biscuit-making industry and all industries that use palm oil.



  • Recycle whenever possible. Recycling is an important and essential part of the Great British Biscuit Company’s mission. All packaging contains recycled content; although it’s beautifully designed and never looks reused. In fact, customers are often surprised to hear that their gorgeously-dressed biscuit cartons, tins and more are actually made from reclaimed sources!

The way to continue sustainability in all aspects of the food manufacturing industry is to invest your dollars into companies that truly care. When you buy your biscuits and other items from the Great British Biscuit Company, you’re making a strong statement that has ripple effects all over the globe. Plus, you’re getting a premiere snack in the process! It’s a winning solution.