Sustainability In The Chocolate Industry

Chocolate. It’s more than just a product. At Waterbridge, it’s a passion. So is making sure that all our processes are as gentle on the environment as possible. That’s the reason we’re so focused on making certain that all our authentic Belgian and Swiss chocolate products are made in the wisest, eco-friendliest ways possible.

Some of the ways that we maintain a high degree of sustainability include:

  • Using genuine ingredients. You can taste the difference in chocolates that have been made using tons of artificial ingredients. We try to get as close as we can to traditional chocolate recipes by honouring those recipes through the use of pure ingredients. In the case of items like the cacao bean, we work with suppliers who utilize careful farming and processing practices.
  • Reducing waste. Whenever possible, we strive to reduce any kind of waste in the making of our Waterbridge brand of Belgian and Swiss chocolates. We actively seek out ways to continue to evolve so that we make fewer and fewer demands on natural resources. This includes everything from choosing alternative energy sources when applicable, to opting for more efficient machinery.
  • Reusing paper products. All the packaging of our Waterbridge chocolates has been recycled in some manner. So have the packages that transport Waterbridge chocolates to our partner retailers across Canada. By reusing paper, we give trees a chance to mature and thrive. Best of all, we make sure that all our recycled packaging is incredibly effective and attractive. You’ll always get top-notch quality from Waterbridge!


In terms of specific Waterbridge chocolates, the following sustainability initiatives are currently occurring:

  • Waterbridge Belgian chocolate bars are made in a facility that has been made out of 100% recycled materials, uses solar energy panels, uses hydro and wind energy sources to supplement solar, and turns 90% of the waste water generated into nutrient-rich fertilizer.
  • Waterbridge Swiss chocolate bars and Belgian chocolate seasonal items are produced using UTZ-certified cocoa farmed in countries where sustainable agriculture initiatives are strong. Any palm oil used in the making of these products has been labeled as sustainably cultivated.
  • Waterbridge seasonal Belgian Dusted Truffles are manufactured in a factory that is both UTZ and RSPO certified.

If sustainable practices are important to you as a consumer of chocolates, it’s time to turn your sights to Waterbridge chocolate products. Not only are they incredible-tasting items, but they’re also treats you can feel great about buying and eating. Satisfy your chocolate cravings and be a good steward of earth’s bounty at the same time. Buy Waterbridge for all your Belgian and Swiss chocolate needs.