The Best British Cookies For Hosting Afternoon Tea


By Waterbridge - February 19, 2020

The time-honoured tradition of afternoon tea has been around in British culture since the 1840s. The tradition truly blossomed once Queen Victoria began to engage in the ritual and it became a more formal occasion. Generally held between 4pm and 7pm, afternoon tea is the perfect pick-me-up between lunch and dinner.


Afternoon tea has become a fantastic way to celebrate special events like wedding and baby showers, birthdays and graduations. We’ve come up with a few suggestions to make sure your afternoon tea party is a delicious success!

Where Should I Start?

With the British cookies and biscuits of course! No afternoon tea party is complete without these decadent English Treats. Here are a few of our favourites for you to consider…

Chocolate Covered Digestives: The Most British Cookie

These chocolatey biscuits are known for their delicious dunk-ability! Commonly dipped in tea while enjoying a chat with friends, these everyday snacking biscuits will be recognized by every true Brit! Once dunked, they become wonderfully soft and will melt in your mouth. The fluffiness of the biscuit itself allows the digestive to soak up the rich flavours of the tea or coffee it is dunked in, marrying them perfectly with the creaminess of the chocolate



Assorted Creams Bring the Flavour!

These British cookie delicacies land on the more decadent end of the scale. Two vanilla or chocolate biscuits flank an incredibly creamy centre. The Bourbon Cream and the Custard Cream are very well known, traditional biscuits. They are favourites of many afternoon tea fanatics! These delicious sweet treats look wonderful on a platter and taste even better than they look!



The Tried and True British Tea Cookie

A traditional favourite of afternoon tea lovers, the simplicity of the tea biscuit is its best feature. These sweet, crumbly biscuits are absolutely perfect for dunking in a hot cup of tea. Soaking up all of the delicious flavours of each of your favourite teas makes each experience with a tea biscuit wonderfully unique! These British biscuits are incredibly versatile so they will pair easily with any other items you serve!



Looking for More Great Tips?

Check out our blog on planning a classy high tea for more ideas about themes and food! Make sure to add scones with jam and clotted cream, a true British treat that will impress your guests. We’d love to hear how your afternoon tea unfolds. Send us your stories to or share them in the comments below! You can also tag us on Facebook and Twitter using our handle @WaterbridgeJoy!

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