Waterbridge Easter Treat Ideas For Adults


By Waterbridge - February 24, 2017


Why should kids have all the fun? Entertain your friends, surprise your spouse, or indulge yourself with these Waterbridge Easter treat ideas for adults!

Dark Chocolate/Wine Gum Egg

In our last blog post, we outlined how to make a hollow egg filled with candy for the kids. While these fun surprise eggs are great for children, there's no reason we can't co-opt them for grown-ups!

To add a few years of maturity to the treat, use an extra dark chocolate for the shell, and fill the egg with treats suitable for a more mature palate, such as wine gums, liquorice all-sorts, or even mixed nuts.

Hollowed Egg Hunt

Another variation on the hollowed egg that you can use with your significant other is a romantic hollowed Easter egg hunt. Instead of filling the egg with candy, leave a chocolate-wrapped hint that leads them to the next egg. (Just remember which egg has which note, so that you don't accidentally mix them up—and never hide a hollow chocolate egg where it will melt all over the clue!)

The trail could lead to some sort of pay-off such as a final egg with a present inside, or simply to a hidden gift.

Fortune Chocolate

If you and your SO or friends love fortune cookies, you could opt for this chocolate covered treat. Create your hollow egg, then hide your note inside! Here’s where you can get creative, come up with fun fortunes, jokes, interesting quotes or Easter facts to hide inside your delicious eggs.

The Companion Piece

While traditions vary, most of the common Easter activities include the 'Easter Bunny' setting up a hunt for egg-shaped sweets for the children. And while it's nice to watch the kids run around, excited about their Easter treats, there's no reason that the parents can't get involved, too.

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