Waterbridge Organic Chocolate, Your New Favourite Chocolate Bar


It has always been Waterbridge’s mission to bring the best confections from across the world to Canada for our customers to enjoy. Waterbridge Organic chocolate is no exception! In eight incredible flavours, this innovative new bar is sure to become your new favourite chocolate bar, but what makes it so special? 

To start, it’s Organic Chocolate!

But, what does that mean? It means that each of these bars has been certified as organic! To be certified organic, a product must go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure it meets specific standards. That includes standard check-ins to ensure compliance and avoidance of chemicals like pesticides. To be certified organic, a product also cannot use genetically modified seed and must be produced on farmland that has been free from prohibited chemicals for around three years or more.



It’s also single Origin Chocolate!

Waterbridge’s managing partner Brian Hicks explains that single origin chocolate is very much like wine, “Most of the good wine is defined as the grapes coming from a certain vineyard. The great wine connoisseurs will know the great vineyards and how the year went in terms of the harvest and the climate and it’ll make better wine or worse wine depending on what the growing conditions are. The situation isn’t different in chocolate.” Single origin therefore means the cocoa beans originate from one place!

The cocoa beans used in Waterbridge’s Organic chocolate comes from the Kyela district of Tanzania. This district has a reputation for producing excellent cocoa beans that give Waterbridge Organic chocolate its unique and delicious flavour!



That’s not all!

Aside from its fantastic cocoa beans, there’s another big reason the beans for Waterbridge Organic chocolate will come from Tanzania. Waterbridge is working with Fons Maex of Kim’s Chocolates in Belgium on his project, Cocoa for Schools!

Cocoa for Schools is a project dedicated to improving the lives of farmers and their families in the cocoa growing Kyela, Busokelo and Rungwe districts of Mbeya, Tanzania. 25₵ from every Organic chocolate bar sold will go straight into the Cocoa for Schools project to assist with building schools to improve education for children in the area. The project hopes to build and renovate 2,000 classrooms for the 140 primary schools in the Mbeya region. Find out more by exploring the Cocoa for Schools section of our website!



Believe it or not, there’s more!

Not only are Waterbridge Organic chocolate bars organic and single origin, they are also Kosher, Halal, and vegetarian! The bars also carry the Rainforest Alliance certified seal, as the products used in the creation of these chocolate bars are produced using environmentally and socially responsible practices.

These delicious bars come in eight incredible flavours, so there’s something for every chocolate lover to enjoy! The flavours are Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate Caramel & Sea Salt, Dark Chocolate Hazelnut & Apricot, Dark Chocolate Almond & Cherry, Dark Chocolate Forest Fruits, Extra Dark Chocolate Almond, Extra Dark Chocolate Sea Salt, and 85% Extra Dark Chocolate!

I’m sold! Where can I get them?

You can purchase these delicious bars right from our website! They’re also available today at Walmart, Giant Tiger, Sobeys and Red Apple for purchase in store. Which one will be your new favourite chocolate bar? Let us know in the comments below or send us an email to info@waterbridge.net!

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